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Guardian Angel Saves The Day Once More!

Kakariki SAVED with Guardian Angel and Calcivet.  Read Anne’s amazing story… 

"I just wanted to say a huge THANKYOU for all your help when my kakariki was poorly back in August. We had visited the vet and he perked up for a few days with antibiotics but then went downhill again. He was unable to bear weight on one side and I thought I was going to lose him as he was sat down the bottom of the cage and was extremely poorly. After I spoke to the Birdcare Company I gave him Guardian Angel with Calcivet and he perked up almost straight away. He is still having Calcivet a couple of times a week but you would not believe how well he is. He runs and jumps about and chirps again and it is so lovely to have him back. Thank you to the Birdcare Company not only for your products but all your excellent advice. Anne Edwards"

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