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Breeding Tips For 2014

Improving nutrition
As the breeding season approaches improving nutrition is key to many species breeding. For budgerigars in the wild, the dry season turning into the wet season turns the feed from dry, dusty, survive-if-you-can diets into lush, vitamin, mineral and protein rich feeds.  For canaries and other  European species, winter turning into spring brings the abundance of plant feeds and insects they need.  The wild diet starting to improve is a key indicator for birds to start coming into breeding condition and for fertility to improve.

Mimic the seasonal diet for best results!

For budgerigars start 6 weeks before breeding and for canaries and European birds 8 to 12 weeks before breeding, to give their bodies time to make all the changes.  Improve the nutrition quality steadily week by week.
Feast eggfood gives top quality higher-protein food as well as unique herbal health support. Add Daily Essentials3 to it for broad-based vitamin, minerals and amino acids.  Add ProBoost SuperMax, a high protein complex product, to boost fertility, bring excellent breeding condition and support the young chicks.

Prevent common problems
If birds are carrying infections, it will seriously limit their ability to breed and chicks will be more likely to die. So now  is the time to resolve low level infections and parasites.

Airsac mite weakens finches and canaries.
Listen for the tell-tale rattley sound  of their breathing. Use lvermectin 0.1% on the back of the neck as directed.

Worm burdens
Worm burdens build up in birds with access to dirt floors and outside flights. Regular treatment with
Harkaverm is advised and is essential before breeding.

Going light (coccidia)
This is a huge problem in canaries and finches leading to young chick deaths.  It is easily prevented by using Feast Eggfood with its powerful anti-coccidial herbs. Or use the same herbs in supplement form, Flourish. If you've had a particularly bad problem in previous years use Acox first and then use Flourish or Feast.

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